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Additionally, Walt also viewed the new character as a way to keep animators around the studio busy with new content; he called upon seven of the legendary Nine Old Men to handle the animation for Ludwig's debut episode.

He was originally designed and animated by legendary animators Milt Kahl and Ward Kimball.

When Jennifer Lopez and Drake seemingly coupled up earlier this year, the internet was ablaze with theories. Were they just hanging out in between studio sessions?

Was this all just sly promotion for an upcoming project?

Walt Disney entered into television production as early as 1950.

By 1954, he had his own weekly anthology TV series, called Disneyland, on ABC.

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He prides himself in his intellect, and never hesitates to attempt to convince others of his genius, to the point where he can be somewhat of an egotist.

The latter episode was also the last to feature Walt Disney as the host, who died months prior.

On December 19, 1962, Von Drake starred in his only theatrical appearance, a featurette titled A Symposium on Popular Songs, which focused on Von Drake lecturing about music of bygone and contemporary decades, and notably received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film.

From there, he became a recurring character in Disney's related television projects, usually lecturing on a certain topic.

In total, Von Drake would appear in sixteen episodes of the anthology series, spanning from "An Adventure in Color/Mathmagicland" in 1961, to "A Salute to Alaska" in 1967.

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