Updating vmware tools without reboot

Postponing the reboot is very convenient if you use it in the context of a patch weekend where you want to postpone the restart to one big, single reboot at the end of all your Duncan Epping points out in a recent blogpost, be also advises that updating the network driver effectively drops all network connections.

This is for all practical purposes maybe just as bad as actually rebooting your server, so beware with the "fake level of safety and comfort" that you might have by postponing a VMware Tools reboot!

To remove all suspicion, I did a little test on a Windows 2003 virtual machine and upgraded the tools from ESX 3.0.2 to ESX 3.5U2 without rebooting (using the commandline It turned out that these drivers didn't require updating for my specific virtual machine (even after a reboot).

updating vmware tools without reboot-21

This is why the command structure after the /v is enclosed in double quotes.I would think the VMware tools really require a reboot on some operating systems because you update parts of the virtual device drivers and those need to be reloaded by a reboot of the operating system ().This means that just running the installer with a "Suppress Reboot" parameter on all your machines will place the new VMware Tools files on your harddisk, but will not actively load all of them...Many people have pondered about whether a reboot is in fact really necessary and if it can be avoided all together.Recent posts about this can be read here and here, refering to this VMware community thread -- the question is still alive in multiple-year spanning threads like this one right here.

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