Universal geneve movement dating

The rhodium finish on the plates gleams like a mirror and the signature “Universal Geneve” is stated clearly in inlaid gold, together with the calibre number 240 and the individual serial number 115674.

Having been serviced on a regular basis since new, this movement works perfectly and runs very strongly.

Our prediction is that this obvious market undervaluation is unlikely to continue for much longer and that even three years from now, good, all original 1930s vintage Universal watches will be far more expensive than they are today.Internally, the case back is highly decorated with an engine turned pearled pattern and stamped “Universal Geneve”, together with the company’s early shield emblem.Below this is stated “Enversteel”, Universal’s tradename for the particular alloy of stainless steel that it favoured.The metal here has a distinctive sharp white glow to it that is typical of Staybrite steel, and we can be confident that if analysed in a laboratory, Enversteel and Staybrite were either one and the same, or very close indeed in their ingredients, both having a very high chromium content.Externally, the case back has the individual serial number 1004210 and the model reference 28512.

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