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In yoga class you relax from a fulfilling day, content to live in such a world, anticipating a nice cup of green tea and a great night's sleep, having lived in tune with nature and nature's rhythms. Pedal gently to your yoga class, not for exercise but because this is such a cycle-able town.You can make this into a shorter loop hike by picking up the well-marked Toyon Trail just before the last switchback, and following it downhill.It will drop you down into the Sonoma Mountain Cemetery, and you can take the cemetery roads back to the trailhead.

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With sweeping views of Sonoma Valley and interesting things to see along the way, it's well worth seeking out.

Make sure you pick up a brochure to take with you on your hike so you can learn about the plants and animals that live in the area.

The round trip is approximately three miles, although shorter hikes are possible.

The Sonoma Overlook Trail is located at the north end of the town of Sonoma, near the Mountain Cemetery.

To get there from Marin, take Highway 101 to Highway 37 east, then turn off onto Highway 121 at Sears Point.

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