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You can see what the video looks like in your timeline after broadcast (center) and at right is the playback window.There's no limit to how long you can stream, though a good network connection is a must.The other device — the Parent Station — is used to watch and listen.While the app offers many benefits — consider the convenience associated with packing for travel — there are a few drawbacks to using this system.You can even choose to share it with just yourself, but where's the fun in that?You can shoot the video through your Face Time or rear-facing camera and while holding your phone in portrait or landscape mode, but the video will always be square.), you select the icon and then give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone. Once you hit he big blue "Continue" button, you'll be asked to describe your broadcast.It's on this same screen that you choose your privacy setting: Are you sharing this with the public, or just your friends?

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When you're done broadcasting, Facebook gives a little detail on who was watching and lets you save to the camera roll (left).

When a celebrity launches a Facebook Live Video stream, their Facebook Page (something celebrities and brands have) pushes out a notification to all their Page Likers and followers. Apparently the video quality on the receiving end was good with just a few stutters.

If you do want a bigger audience, Facebook suggests you announce in advance with another post when you plan to broadcast live. When you're done broadcasting, the video will post on your timeline where people can choose to replay it and you can collect more views.

Just be sure to password-protect that Wi-Fi network to keep outsiders from accessing the baby monitor stream.

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