Sedating dogs airline travel

Using Prescription Medications Calming Your Dog without Medication Community Q&A Sedation is a relaxed, calm or tranquil state induced after the administration of drugs.When a dog is sedated, he becomes more docile and can easily be handled, making it less stressful for the dog when procedures like grooming and veterinary examinations are being done.More information on this condition can be found at There are more than 30 breeds of dogs and cats that are considered brachycephalic, as outlined in Wikipedia Each airline has its own policy regarding brachycephalic breeds, and may impose restrictions for some or all breeds.Some airlines prohibit the transport of snub-nose breeds, otherwise they may impose tighter regulations such as increased temperature restrictions, or a requirement to transport the pet in a larger crate to enable increased air circulation around your pet.For more information, refer to the American Veterinary Medical Association website https://org/public/Pet Care/Pages/Pet-Express works with all major airlines and understands the restrictions imposed by each airline.Speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist to discuss travel options and ways to prepare your pet for travel. Airlines do not ship pets in extreme heat or cold, as your pet will be briefly exposed to weather on the tarmac during loading & unloading.

Pet-Express trained and experienced Pet Relocation Specialists are happy to answer your questions, address any concerns, and work with you to design and implement a customized transport solution that will be safe and comfortable for your pet, and practical for your family during your relocation.

Your pet will travel in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft.

This compartment is both climate controlled and pressurized for your pet’s safety and comfort, and it is on the same air circulation system as the cabin.

Once loaded onto the aircraft, your pet will enjoy temperature-controlled air-conditioning in the pet-compartment within the aircraft, and experience temperatures similar to those in the passenger cabin.

Airlines consider the temperature on the ground at origin, destination, and any transit points along the way.

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