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An examination of the Jobo investigation, based in part on an internal 400-page law enforcement case file obtained by The Washington Post, casts doubt on the military’s promises to crack down on sexual misconduct and hold commanders accountable for how they administer justice.

“This kind of case cries out to be court-martialed,” said retired Col.

There would be no trial, no publicity and no public record — the same for thousands of other sexual assault investigations each year in the armed forces.

The Pentagon has called the increase a sign of progress, saying that more victims are coming forward because they are confident that offenders will be held accountable.

Still, only about 1 in 3 victims last year reported being assaulted, according to military estimates.

Shofner gave the impression that leadership turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and thus allowed an environment where sexual harassment festers,” the report concluded.

The Air Force said in a statement that it suspended Shofner without pay for 14 days as a result of the inspector general’s findings.

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