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Swiss foreign policy officially pursues the prevention of armed violence, conflict resolution and peace consolidation.It invests in development and cooperation, in order to foster peace and security in Switzerland and abroad.This last point is also addressed by another initiative of the GSo A, for a ban on the purchase of new fighter jets.This would help break the vicious circle where we need to buy new unnecessary equipments from abroad in order to sell our own lethal production.For example, Switzerland is world's second largest export country for small arms ammunition.

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We are present in all major financial centers and have offices in over 50 countries.However, the negative impact of arms trade (causing human and environmental destructions, and diverting resources from civilian needs, especially in southern countries), hampers gravely such efforts.Exporting arms is incompatible with the promotion of human security and of a stable global community.War material represents only some 0.2% of the total value of Swiss exports.If the ban is accepted, the government will financially support the civilian conversion of the armament industry.

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