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The great thing about the Time Dimension table is that it allows you to define the reporting periods you wish to use that could be outside the standard calendar range, Financial Year being a good example, where your organization reports in a unique financial period.

So a typical Time Dimension table would look something like this: The table join in your view would look something like this: Unlike most other dimensions, you can build the date dimension table in advance.

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There are many time attributes not supported by the SQL date function, including fiscal periods, seasons, holidays, and weekends.

SQL date functions do not support filtering by attributes such as weekdays versus weekends, holidays, fiscal periods, seasons, or major events. So for every date you have a single record in the table.

Presuming that the business needs to slice data by these non-standard date attributes, then an explicit date dimension table is essential. Other standard columns include, week, month, quarter and year additional columns can be custom to your needs such as identifying selling versus non-selling days, Holidays or Financial time periods.

As you can see the Year is day 1 of the year, quarter is day 1 of the quarter and month is day 1 of the month.

In this way, like the first example, all records can be aggregated by common month or year values. The major benefit of the Yellowfin method is that you can use Yellowfin date formatters to display the year, month etc as either dates or as descriptors.

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