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In 2000, his youngest son came on board and ran "Twin Lakes Towing" on the North side of Mountain Home, but Donnie had other ideas for his now 3 towing locations and 2 repair operations.In late 2000, he purchased commercial property on Hwy.The invoice from the delivery driver shows 6 pounds of marijuana was being delivered, he said.

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NOTE: Instacam as such is gone, and cams are subsumed by Weather Bug.

to an armed robbery in progress at The Greenery, 208 Parker Ave. Initial information indicated the robber was wearing a full-face mask, a dark-colored hoodie and gloves, and was armed with an AR-15 rifle, a semi-automatic rifle based on the U. According to the report, Johnson confronted a delivery driver dropping off marijuana at the door of The Greenery, which allowed employees inside to get into a secured portion of the business.

Johnson allegedly stole a large amount of marijuana. Ray Shupe said via email authorities are serving a search warrant on the vehicle, so the exact weight of the recovered marijuana is unclear.

A 29-year old Arizona man suspected of robbing a Durango marijuana dispensary with an AR-15 rifle Tuesday night is in jail after a K-9 unit tracked him into the hills above Bodo Park.

Alexander Johnson of Chandler confessed to the armed robbery and said he acted alone, according to Durango Police.

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