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" Then Alanis points out, "Well, it might be different for a guy, there's more homophobia going on."It's hard to tell if Alanis laughed at Howard so frequently because of this rather awkward "frank sexual discussion" in front of her bandmates or because she thought (like me) that his line of questioning dense. Howard hammers on about Alanis' hookups with women and tries to box her into easy-for-straight-folks-to-understand stereotypes, like when he asks, "What type of women were you attracted to? But I think Howard deserves to have none of his stupid questions answered: When he calls her hookups with women "your lesbian phase," Alanis giggles and says, "It's funny you call it a's a self-defining thing." He then asks, "I want to know what brought you to a woman. "I think it's a rite of passage to experiment with your sexuality at some point," she says, and Stern insists, "I'm not experimenting with a dude!I remember making out with a well-known hockey player when I was in my teens. A love addict might seem like a sexy thing to be, and Lord knows there have been countless songs written about that impulse—"Head Over Feet" is about why I pushed away functional love—but this addiction is deeply painful.

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I have never experienced "leaving too early" regrets, but I experienced "staying too long."DO be true to you.According to a report by ET Canada, the findings were presented to GSO and Schwartz who stated the singer had asked him to withdraw the money and invest it into a marijuana business, a claim which she denies.According to TMZ, the suit claims Schwartz stole the money to support an opulent lifestyle, including a ,000 vacation to Bora Bora and paying off a ,000 gambling debt at a casino in the Bahamas.In any case, Alanis is a good sport, and the Stern folks are clearly on her side regarding her breakup with actor Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have called it quits – and this time, it’s official.

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