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First things first, to get things initially protected, establish a password for your kid’s new device – it’s the first line in protecting your child’s personal info.

Make sure you keep track of the password and avoid easy-to-crack codes like 1234.

parental control i OS mobile and tablet apps can help manage those concerns on iphone and ipad.

For many parents, this should be enough to give them peace of mind, but parents who want to add restrictions on when the phone is used and monitor who their kids are communicating with on the phone, should add additional parental control apps.

You can also go directly to the app online and enable You Tube parental controls.

There are three areas where parents can restrict usage on the devices: To learn more about the types of parental control restrictions and how to turn them on and off on your device visit the Apple support page.

The good news is that most of these apps offer a free trial before you purchase.

We compare the top parental control apps and where they stand on some of the more popular features in the chart below.

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