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In recalling their vehemence that I should watch it, I’m toying with the idea of being retroactively offended, but the truth is, that documentary saved my life.tells the story of one man’s journey back to health after juice fasting for 60 days.I was what was called a “success story.”As my weight came off, I saw the world around me change. Women, with a snap of their gum and a flip of their hair, would compliment my “cute blazerrrrr!” Employees at coffee shops smiled at me, and made eye contact.My initial reaction to this sudden onslaught of warmth, sweetness and gratitude from the world was suspicion that the joke was on me.Since I went from a size 16 to a six, there have been times when I have caught myself irrationally questioning people’s motives, just waiting for the paper snakes to jump out of the can.Of course, doing it alongside Mariann made it that much easier, and the speedy results were true motivators.

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My doctor told me that I was headed down that well-traveled road to heart disease.

But I had never realized how many subtle differences there would be in negotiating the world as a member of the club, a “cool kid,” no longer someone to be, at best, ignored, or, as I so clearly remembered from my high school days, endlessly taunted.

When I thought about it a bit more though, I couldn’t really blame the folks who reached out to me with kindness. We live in a society that celebrates and rewards the most ridiculous and arbitrary traits, thinness being way up there on the list. But the thing that has been brought alive to me, so vividly, is how thoroughly our evaluation of a person’s body has become our evaluation of the person.

And the truth is, as much as I was steaming, I also basked in the world’s new opinion of me. Needless to say, thinness is not the only privilege by which people are judged. On occasion—and my personal example is such an infinitesimal one next to the truly unfathomable suffering that so many oppressed individuals (human and non-human) experience—we find ourselves in the position of having jumped the fence. Secondly, I am full of tattoos, which I would argue has partly been an attempt to reclaim my body, which I sometimes have a hard time recognizing as actually being mine. And to the extent I can get away with it, I use it.

There were times, I admit, when I felt like throwing my hat up in the air, Mary Tyler Moore style. For whatever reason, we become more “worthy” to those who had previously considered us outsiders. But mostly, I think my massive weight loss has brought me a change in personality, a new level of confidence—not just because I feel better about myself, but, sadly, because the world feels so much better about me. But deep inside, I still am and always will be a fat girl, with a fat girl’s awareness that the world is not nearly as nice as it sometimes seems right now.

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